Our formula for success involves evaluating our extensive menu of curriculum to see which ones, in which combination, and intensity would work best in optimising the brain’s information highway. In this way, a program is individually crafted to help your child learn smarter and faster. We perform an individualised age-appropriate assessment to determine your child’s cognitive processing abilities and weaknesses. We identify your child’s learning style through our assessment. We evaluate our extensive curriculum menu, to see which programs will help your child build a solid learning foundation. Our programs are progressive and cutting-edge, based on the latest scientific research. We design a customised program specifically addressing your child’s weak areas and propose remedial cognitive processing approach. We match your child with a personality and method-compatible curriculum trainer who will implement this program, one-on-one with your child. We monitor your child’s progress and report to you on the targeted areas as your child works through our tailor-made programs.


Coastland Schools is a full Montessori school. The Montessori school system places children within a three-year age span in the same classroom. This ensures that the younger children are nurtured and guided by the older ones under the supervision of their teachers. The children work together through distinct Montessori cycles of learning. This is why Coastland kids are not shy or diffident but rather confident and brave. We use the Montessori play-way interactive method of learning to deliver our hybrid of Nigerian/British curriculum. Our curriculum is arranged in topics with artwork, stories, language art, fine and large motor activities, games and other activities supporting the topic. Some of the topics include safety, health, friends, nursery rhymes, family, animals, foods, weather, feelings, clothing, plants, community helpers, seasons and other cultures. We utilise games, music, artwork, films, books, computers and other tools to teach basic skills. The Coastland classroom is rich with opportunities for learning. Children are not forced to learn the alphabet or number. However, the room is filled with words, letters, numbers, and other symbols, so that when a child is ready for new learning, he/she has access to increasing complex challenges. There are structured activities, such as story time in large group and computer time in small groups. There are also times for children to make choices, children choose from stations such as the imaginative play centre, writing centre, reading centre, art centre and manipulative centre (items for building). We also offer your child a secure and comfortable environment, where he/she experiences a developmentally appropriate program, which allows him or her to grow and mature at his/her own rate.


At Coastland Schools, we understand the importance of the school work/play balance, this is why our schools are designed to give the pupils opportunities to play and engage in other interests and activities that are not purely academic. We have large playing areas, one for the younger pupils and another where the older kids will be comfortable. Interested pupils are also exposed to ballet, playing musical instruments, literary and debating club, science, chess, scrabble, public speaking and other arts and crafts. 


We know that some parents are very busy. Some work in offices and may not be available to pick up their children when school closes at 3pm. So, at Coastland Schools, we have extended after-school activities and minders to care for the pupils up until 6pm for parents who request this service. Pupils are allowed to play or engage in other extra-curricular activities of their choice while they wait for their parents to come and pick them. We extend the same excellent service Coastland is known for, from the moment the pupils step into school or are dropped off, until when they leave or are picked up.

Kindly note that if you want our bus service for late drop offs, it will be by special arrangement.

Locate Us @

22, Dejuwogbo Avenue,
Opp. Water Corporation Awolowo Road,
Ota-Ona, Ikorodu, Lagos

Abuja Bus Stop,
Beside Nichemtex,
Ibeshe Road, Ikorodu, Lagos

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