Founder of Coastland Schools, Mrs Uche-Nzeka Sandra’s love for education started long after she attended a course (WOFBI). Back when her children were still little and registered at a school at Ketu, she would volunteer to work in the school’s admin department. She knew even then that the success of a school lay in how well the school was administered.

So, when her family moved to Ikorodu, Lagos, Mrs Uche-Nzeka Sandra was determined to change the education landscape in that part of Lagos. She shared her vision with her husband, who showed great support. She was on a mission to use her school to build a healthy foundation for life-long learning in children. Her plan was to employ resources and apply methods and procedures that follow international best practices.

The name, Coastland Schools, came to her after she attended a course. It was a name that fit her vision for a world-class institution that would cater to the needs of young parents. In this school, children would get an education that helps them to prepare for the real world.

Coastland Schools, Ikorodu is a school where the greater success of every child is guaranteed. The children get a foundation that will eventually enable them to move ahead easily in life.

Mrs Uche-Nzeka Sandra knew that her school needed to adopt tested and trusted teaching methodologies to achieve her vision. Through her research, she learnt about the Montessori system and fell in love with its focus on individual pupils’ abilities. She and her staff have been trained in the Montessori way. They are applying what they learned to the benefit of all the pupils that pass through Coastland Schools.

Since 2007, Mrs Uche-Nzeka Sandra has been maintaining the vision of making Coastland Schools the leading institution for foundation education in Ikorodu and Lagos State. She adopts resources that meet international standards for raising excellent 21st-century children. The core values of Coastland Schools, Ikorodu are collaboration, value through diversity, excellence, service, respect, innovation and exemplary conduct and leadership. These are the values that make up the Coastland advantage.

Locate Us @

22, Dejuwogbo Avenue,
Opp. Water Corporation Awolowo Road,
Ota-Ona, Ikorodu, Lagos

Abuja Bus Stop,
Beside Nichemtex,
Ibeshe Road, Ikorodu, Lagos

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